The primary aims of the Commission are

1. to foster modern, process-oriented studies of pyroclastic rocks,

2. to encourage communication between scientists from the various branches of research directed to such studies,

3. to provide input into other areas such as volcanic hazards and atmospheric impacts, and

4. to promote interest in explosive volcanism and its products. Research interests focus on the processes of explosive eruptions, volcano evolution, and magmatic influences on eruption dynamics.

Thus there is significant thematic overlap with all other IAVCEI commissions and task groups; joint activities are performed with CVS and CMVH.


CEV presently has 200 members from 36 countries, who actively work on aspects of explosive volcanism in various disciplines: physical volcanology, igneous petrology and geochemistry, gas chemistry, thermo-fluid dynamics, remote sensing and monitoring, tephrochronology. Membership is open to scientists whose research interests and activities are consistent with the stated aims. Membership applications HAVE NO COSTS INVOLVED and should be submitted to one of the leaders (Amanda Clarke or Lucia Gurioli). Since CEV is an IAVCEI organization, we recommend that our members should become personal IAVCEI members as well. For general and subscription information check the IAVCEI home page.