AIV School of Volconology: Peralkaline volcanism at Pantelleria - [Click for detailed information]
Field school

28 September - 1 October 2014
Pantelleria, Trapani, Italy

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The 2014 AIV International School aims to provide background knowledge on explosive peralkaline volcanism at Pantelleria, the type locality for pantellerite rocks (iron-rich peralkaline rhyolites). Pantelleria is a volcanic island located in the Strait of Sicily Rift Zone (Southern Italy). Its central portion is occupied by a large caldera.

The island is characterized by bimodal mafic-felsic volcanism, in which felsic rocks (trachytes to pantellerites) are the most predominant by far. Volcanism has produced a variety of products and morphologies, from strongly welded ignimbrites with variable rheomorphic structures to pumice cones, lava domes and lava flows.

The scientific program will focus on topics specifically relating to peralkaline volcanism at Pantelleria: the tectonic and geodynamic framework; the petrogenesis and pre-eruptive conditions of pantellerites inferred from experimental petrology and petrological considerations; the chemical and physical properties of peralkaline magmas and their crystallization kinetics; the emplacement of pyroclastic density currents and architecture of rheomorphic ignimbrites; methods for stratigraphic correlation of welded ignimbrites; acidic Strombolian eruptions.
About half the time will be dedicated to field work (including the description, analysis and interpretation of deposits), promoting discussion among all participants.